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Generating traffic is good. Getting sales is better.
Trust me with your SEO project and I’ll help you execute an SEO strategy focused on sales growth and ROI.

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Lucio Laria
International Freelance SEO

Is your traffic stagnating or falling?
Are you not making as many sales as you'd like?
Would you like to start working on your SEO?

I'm the SEO freelancer you need

Why choose me with so many SEO consultants available? The answer is simple: because I can get you real results.

  • +159 sessions in 4 months for Crack The Code sales pages,
  • +100 backlinks for Superprof,
  • +40,000 € in profits generated by affiliation with my own sites…

I’ve never had a client who wasn’t satisfied with the results.

Whether you’re an e-commerce, a SaaS, a marketplace, or sell B2B services, I’ve mastered all the SEO levers needed to plan and execute an SEO strategy that gets you the place you deserve in Google’s results pages.

What does an effective SEO strategy looks like?

Each SEO strategy is unique, but if you wish to rank really well in the SERPs, your website must have a technically sound structure and a coherent SEO strategy defined.


One shot


one shot


Each month

My SEO Services

Redesigns & migration

I'll make sure your new site is 100% SEO Friendly and that you maintain your positions

Technical SEO

I make sure your site is perfectly aligned with Google's technical guidelines

Content Strategy

Based on a keyword analysis, I create your site's content strategy


I execute the netlinking strategy: link purchasing, guestposting, partnerships ... I adapt to your resources

International SEO

I can rank your website in any country you are interested in, worldwide.

Local SEO

Je positionne votre site dans les régions de votre choix. The classic "Service + City" and Google Maps

SEO Consulting

I lead the technical and editorial teams in executing the SEO roadmap

SEO Training

I can help your technical or marketing teams improve their natural search engine optimization skills.

Don’t be shy,


SEO data analysis
Gaspard Maldonado
Gaspard Maldonado
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Having worked with Lucio on a variety of projects, I've always been entirely satisfied with his expertise, whether it's on-page SEO, technical SEO issues or netlinking projects, all in an ever-changing international context. His impeccable professionalism, constant availability and ability to move from one project to another, adapting his approach to the specific requirements of each, make him an excellent SE consultant.
Hugo Bailleul
Hugo Bailleul
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Lucio helps us implement our SEO strategy. We highly recommend him, whether for technical aspects such as editorial or netlinking.
Franco Cedillo
Franco Cedillo
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Lucio is a first-rate professional. At Crack The Code, he has helped us cover various technical aspects of SEO, enabling us to grow from 1,000 to 20,000 monthly sessions in just 12 months.
Patricio Lopardo Chatruc
Patricio Lopardo Chatruc
Relevant Agency
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Lucio took charge of our marketing agency's SEO strategy. 12 months later, we're receiving at least 20 contact forms a month. His SEO strategy feeds our sales department enormously.
Hagop Hagopian
Hagop Hagopian
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Lucio is an excellent SEO expert. He knows every detail of the business. Every project we've entrusted him with, he's managed to perfection and we've seen the return on investment. Every time I get a request for SEO, I tell them to contact Lucio or let me put them in touch with him. It's top-notch!
Bruno Janches
Bruno Janches
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Lucio helped us reach the top spot for our most strategic keyword. He played a major role in increasing our association's visibility.

Frequently asked questions

If your website has not been previously worked on, you can expect to see results in about 3 to 6 months. If SEO has already been worked on, it will be much faster. Keep in mind that SEO results will grow exponentially over time. 

The required investment for an SEO strategy will depend on the complexity of the job, the services required and the size of the website. For an SEO strategy to work effectively, it needs to be customized and suited to your website needs and business objectives.

SEO and web development are two different jobs. I can implement SEO recommendations such as metadata, headings, canonicals…but I can’t do a web developer’s job (creating new landing pages, server optimization, etc…).

More than 80% of the clicks in Google are done in the first 10 organic results. Working on your SEO means investing in the long-term acquisition of quality leads. Unlike Ads, SEO will become a business asset of your company, since it will be bringing you new customers every day without any additional cost.
No surprise that organic search is the marketing channel with the highest average ROI!

I have been trained to work regularly with agile methodologies. I am fully capable of adapting my work into sprints and to fit your team’s organization.


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