Grow your sales with a ROI focused and data-driven SEO strategy built to suit your needs. 

Who am I ?

I am a trilingual semi-senior SEO consultant looking for rewarding professional experiences.

I specialize in carrying out technical and strategic SEO campaigns for E-Commerce and publishers websites.

Analyzing large volumes of data is not something I'm afraid of!

Lucio Laria - SEO Consultant

What does an effective SEO strategy looks like?

Each SEO strategy is unique, but if you wish to rank really well in the SERPs, your website must have a technically sound structure and a coherent SEO strategy defined.


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SEO data analysis
Lucio ranked our website for the most competitive keywords in our business. He taught us the value of backlinks, and helped us understand our Google Analytics and Search Console data.
Bruno Janches
Marketing Manager - DONARG
Lucio worked our clients SEO campaigns. The quality of his analysis, the clarity of his explanations and his kindness make him a very valuable SEO consultant.
Patricio Lopardo chatruc

Frequently asked questions

If your website has not been previously worked on, you can expect to see results in about 3 to 6 months. If SEO has already been worked on, it will be much faster. Keep in mind that SEO results will grow exponentially over time. 

The required investment for an SEO strategy will depend on the complexity of the job, the services required and the size of the website. For an SEO strategy to work effectively, it needs to be customized and suited to your website needs and business objectives.

SEO and web development are two different jobs. I can implement SEO recommendations such as metadata, headings, canonicals…but I can’t do a web developer’s job (creating new landing pages, server optimization, etc…).

More than 80% of the clicks in Google are done in the first 10 organic results. Working on your SEO means investing in the long-term acquisition of quality leads. Unlike Ads, SEO will become a business asset of your company, since it will be bringing you new customers every day without any additional cost.
No surprise that organic search is the marketing channel with the highest average ROI!

I have been trained to work regularly with agile methodologies. I am fully capable of adapting my work into sprints and to fit your team’s organization.


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